Prediksi Planet Bumi pada tahun 2012..Benarkah??

Pada kalender yang dibuat oleh bangsa Maya, 21 Desember 2012 adalah akhir dari perhitungan kalender tersebut, dan, selama ini kalender bangsa Maya terbukti keakuratannya. Sehingga, banyak orang menyimpulkan bahwa tanggal tersebut, hari kiamat akan datang dan semua umat manusia akan musnah.
Isu terjadinya tabrakan Planet Bumi dengan Planet Nibiru (Planet X) yang diperkirakan akan terjadi 2012 mendatang. Kalangan “orang dalam” di NASA, DoD (badan inteligensi militer), SETI maupun CIA sudah memprediksikan, kalau 2/3 dari penduduk planet bumi akan punah, ketika terjadi pergantian kutub, yang disebabkan kedatangan Planet X. Sisa populasi yang bertahan hidup, terancam bahaya kelaparan dan radiasi elemen, dalam jangka waktu 6 bulan setelah kejadian ini.
Semua operasi rahasia menyadari kenyataan ini, dan sudah menyiapkan diri mereka. Konon, Vatikan juga mengetahui hal tersebut. Namun sayangnya, masyarakat luas dibiarkan begitu saja tanpa informasi, dibiarkan terlena dengan kehidupan sehari-har…

Tamanu - Calophyllum Inophyllum

Calophyllum inophyllum is indigenous to Southeast Asia, but is profuse in Polynesia. The tree grows up to 25 or even 30 meters in height, with long, spreading limbs. The tree trunk is typically thick with dark, cracked bark. The tamanu branches are covered with shiny, dark green oval leaves, and small white flowers with yellow centres. The blossoms give off a delightful, sweet perfume. The fruit of the tree, about the size of an apricot, has a thin flesh and a large nut hull inside.Yet the tamanu nut is a botanical oddity. When the fruits of the tree are collected and cracked open, the blond nut kernel inside contains no apparent oil. But when the kernel dries on a rack for a month or so, it turns a deep, chocolate brown, and becomes sticky with a rich, pleasant-smelling oil. Using a simple screw press, the oil is squeezed from the dark kernels. The resulting oil of tamanu is dark green and luxurious. Though oil of tamanu is thick and rich, once it is applied to skin it is readily and…

BlackBerry Curve 8900 Phone

Phone Features With a refined design, the BlackBerry Curve 8900 smartphone supports both your professional and personal mobile communication needs to help you enjoy a more organized, balanced life. In addition to a sleek, stylish design, the powerful new smartphone includes a large, vivid display--the highest resolution available on a BlackBerry smartphone--as well as a 512 MHz next-generation processor for fast and responsive performance.The striking 2.4-inch, 480 x 360-pixel display (65K colors) serves up crisp images, text and maps so information is easier to read, even when you're on the go. It also includes a light-sensing feature that automatically adjusts backlighting for indoor, outdoor and dark environments. Like other Curve models, the Curve 8900 includes a trackball navigation system located on the top of the QWERTY keypad, and it features an integrated spell checker with a customizable dictionary to help maintain accuracy.You can snap vivid photos as well as video clips…

Apple iPod nano 8 GB Pink

A Musical Genius Say you're listening to a song you really like and want to hear other tracks that go great with it. The Genius Playlist feature finds the songs in your music library that go great together and makes a Genius Playlist for you. It's like having your own highly intelligent, personal DJ.Find Your Music Faster
It's even easier to find the song you want to hear. Now you can view your album art in Cover Flow. Or just press and hold the Center button to browse by album or artist. When you find the right song, press the Center button to add it to your on-the-go playlist.Rock and Roll Over
Tilt or turn iPod nano on its side, and you'll listen, watch, and play in new ways. You can flip through your album art with Cover Flow. Or, vertically speaking, see more albums and artists on the screen at one time.Shake Your Groove Thing
Sometimes, we could all use a little unpredictability. And now you can shake to change your music. Just give iPod nano a shake, and it shuffles…


By Mario Teguh

Orang bodoh sulit dapat kerja, akhirnya berbisnis...
Agar bisnisnya berhasil, tentu dia harus rekrut orang pintar.
Walhasil boss-nya orang pintar adalah orang bodoh.

Orang bodoh sering melakukan kesalahan, maka dia rekrut orang pintar yang tidak pernah salah untuk memperbaiki yang salah.
Walhasil orang bodoh memerintahkan orang pintar untuk keperluan orang bodoh.

Orang pintar belajar untuk mendapatkan ijazah untuk selanjutnya
mencari kerja. Orang bodoh berpikir secepatnya mendapatkan uang untuk membayari proposal yang diajukan orang pintar.

Orang bodoh tidak bisa membuat teks pidato, maka dia menyuruh orang pintar untuk membuatnya.

Orang bodoh kayaknya susah untuk lulus sekolah hukum (SH).
Oleh karena itu orang bodoh memerintahkan orang pintar untuk membuat undang-undangnya orang bodoh.

Orang bodoh biasanya jago cuap-cuap jual omongan, sementara itu orang pintar percaya.
Tapi selanjutnya orang pintar menyesal karena telah mempercayai orang bodoh.
Tapi toh …


Product Reviews
Nintendo's Wii video game system (pronounced "we") brings people of all ages and video game experience together to play. This simple yet ground breaking idea is expressed not only though the system's evocative name, which is easily pronounced in a variety of languages, and suggests two players side by side, but also through its innovative list of features and extensive list of playable titles.

Wii with Wii Remote. View larger.A Little Box With Plenty of Power
As with every console, much of the buzz surrounds the specs. The Wii boasts 512 MB of internal flash memory, two USB 2.0 ports, and a slot for SD memory expansion. The system’s technological heart -- a processing chip developed with IBM and code-named "Broadway" and a graphics chipset from ATI code-named "Hollywood" -- deliver stunning performance. And instead of a tray, Wii uses a single, self-loading media bay that plays both 12-centimeter optical discs used for the n…

How I Became a Famous Novelist

Product Reviews Review
Amazon Best of the Month, July 2009: Steve Hely's satiric novel masquerades as the tell-all memoir of Pete Tarslaw, author of the runaway bestseller The Tornado Ashes Club who's become a lit-world pariah. Two years out of college, Pete still moons after the brilliant Polly Pawson, who dropped him post-graduation for law school. His hygiene and motivation have degraded such that he's accumulating beer bottles next to his bed as convenient substitutes for the toilet. His dubious job transforming the convoluted prose of wealthy foreign students into earnest college entrance essays depresses him, more for its lack of prestige than any ethical implications. When Polly announces her engagement in a gleeful mass email, Pete's desire to upstage her at the wedding inflames his obsession with the fame, fortune, and female attention enjoyed by bestselling authors--clever charlatans, in his estimation. What follows is Pete's exposé of the Machia…